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Corporate Social Responsibility Program

Bruce Power has an active Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program, focused on a number of key funding objectives, as outlined below.


Bruce Power’s community investments and sponsorships are centered around several specific focus areas, which are outlined below.

Bruce Power believes in being an active partner within our community and supports initiatives that focus on health and wellness, youth development, minimizing environmental impacts and engaging our employees more fully in the important mission of community citizenship.?

You can submit an application here.?

Health and Wellness – To promote safety awareness, safety programs, health issues and concerns. Focus areas include community and workplace safety initiatives, injury prevention, family shelters, and health and human service organizations near the Bruce Power site.

Youth Development – To promote programs that broaden opportunities and strengthen skills in areas such as engineering, science and technology as well as education and training.

Community & Employee Engagement – To support organizations and causes in the communities where staff live and work. Helping employees become personally involved in community projects and events like food banks, health organizations, arts and cultural groups.


In addition to our key objectives, we also look for opportunities that have areas of focus that are important and impactful to our community and our operations.

Environment – Partnerships that promote sustainable development and energy efficiency.

Indigenous Initiatives – Programs that support community, training, youth development, cultural, recreational and educational initiatives, and the health and wellness of Indigenous people.

Military Families & Veterans – Causes that celebrate and support the sacrifices of veterans and the members of Canada’s military and their families.

In each of these focus areas, there are organizations and individuals doing amazing things in our community. We choose to support them by using a clear selection process. Groups submit a thorough application outlining their needs and our Sponsorship Committee chooses to provide grants based on a set of approved criteria.


Funding is not generally provided for the following:

  • Political parties, ridings, associations and candidates
  • Staff wages
  • Religious organizations
  • Professional sports organizations, sports clubs and local teams/individuals
  • Individuals, except for the recipients of scholarships, fellowships, grants, awards and internships
  • Third-party fundraising initiatives
  • Trips or tours
  • Conferences, except for those that fall within the primary guidelines and are open to the public
  • Any profit-driven organization
  • Core funding for any organization
  • Organizations that discriminate in any way against any race, gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation

Multi-year Commitment to Health and Wellness

In 2018, Bruce Power announced it was planning its giving program over a four-year period, from 2019-23, based on feedback from charitable and volunteer organizations so they could better plan over the long term.

Understanding the need for organizations to plan, about 85 per cent of our annual budget has been allocated through this period, with a significant long-term commitment to health care, mental health and education initiatives in our region. This totals $8 million in contributions to these areas collectively over the 2019-23 period. These were all formally applied for by the requested deadline of Sept. 30, 2018, and reviewed and approved by the company’s CSR Committee.

Apply for Funding

Given the multi-year allocation of funding to support health and wellness, the company will not be accepting any further large sponsorship requests until September 2023.

However, Bruce Power will continue to accept proposals to support small community events under $1,000 in value. These applications can be made online between June 1 and September 15 each year.

In addition, the company is pleased to consider prizes or raffle items for fundraising events. If you would like to request an in-kind donation please contact Christine John at christine.john@brucepower.com.


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